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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring?

As long as you bring yourself, we will put a smile on your face, wonder in your eyes and probably some sweat on your forehead!
We do recommed that you wear comfortable hiking shoes with a non-slip sole and long trousers. The area is NOT mosquito infested, but there are always some, so if you know your are a mosquito's favourite, wear a light long sleeved shirt. We normally carry repellent and sunscreen, but you might prefer your own. Most of the hike is in the shade, but you might want to bring a hat as well. 
We also recommend bringing your refillable water bottle.
If you need any medication, remember to bring it and don't forget to advise our staff about any medical conditions you might have. 
Of course you can also bring your binoculars, camera or favourite hiking stick- just remember you will have to carry it and look after it.

What can't I bring?

You will have to leave your pets at home. If you depend on a guide animal for any reason to get around please contact us to discuss your needs and we will see if we can make it happen.
Please refrain from bringing single use plastic. We are aiming to be zero waste and trust me, that is already enough of a challenge without a daily addition of plastic wrappers and bags! Thank you for your cooperation.

Can I take something home from the ranch?

Yes, pictures! We also have seasonal goodies for sale, like mango jam, potted plants or café de capomo.You are not allowed to take plants from the jungle, wildlife or donkeys home as souvenirs!

OMG! You have donkeys? Can I ride on them when I get tired?


Where is the office?

Well, our office is mainly where our phone is, so it can be in an out-of-service area, as we do spend most of our time on the ranch, searching for new routes, gardening or plotting new projects. If you can't get hold of us on the phone, write us an email or a WhatsApp. We do check our messages regularly and will respond promptly to your queries. 

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