Explore with Natikari - Rancho Verde


Jungle expedition

MXN $1300 per person (USD $65)

Come and join us on an exclusive adventure in the jungle close to Sayulita. Our experienced guides will take you on a tour to enjoy the beauty of the diverse fauna and flora of this part of Mexico. Our tours are small with a maximum of 8 people, or if you wish we can arrange for private tours as well.

Meeting point is at Smoker’s Paradise (on Avenida Revolucion, opposite the police station) in Sayulita, from where our shuttle will take you to the start point of the trail (appr. 10 minute car ride). The hike lasts about 2 hours and by the end we will have some refreshments waiting for you at our jungle garden and you will have some more time to enjoy the tranquility of nature, observe the wildlife and just relax. 

From there we will return you to the meeting point, back to reality. The whole tour lasts about 4 hours from pick up to drop off. 


The hike is intermediate difficulty. The trail is approximately 4.5km in length and the difference in altitude is 160m.


Looking for another time to do your hike? Contact us and we will try to accommodate your preferences.

Please contact us, if you wish to arrange a private tour, so we can discuss your needs. We can also cater for larger groups if requested. 

Staying outside Sayulita? No problem. We can arrange transport from your location. Please contact us for details.


Shinrin yoku

MXN $1600 per person (USD $80)

Come and have a forest bath - because science says so!
Shinrin Yoku - the Japanese practice of experiencing nature with all your senses is becoming more and more popular due to its many benefits for our bodies and souls. Getting out into nature can reduce stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost your immunity, make us less aggressive and more kind, more creative and improve our overall wellbeing. 
When you book our Shinrin Yoku tour, there are a few differences to our jungle expedition. Firstly, we will leave our phones switched off during the experience, or even better: leave them at home! Our guides will ensure you get the most out of your nature time by encouraging you to take in nature with all of your five senses. Secondly, we will suggest breathing exercises and practice mindfulness rounded up with some stretches and hammock time. You have heard right, science says you should spend more time in a hammock watching the world go by! Apart from a few words of guidance, we encourage our guests to walk in silence. There will be some time at the end to share experiences and answer questions.
What could be a better start of your holiday than a nature reset, allowing your brain to relax and recharge. You recharge your phone every day, so why not learn a few techniques you can take home and use wherever there are trees?